Your company may pay for your Firneo membership.

A 4-step guide to asking your boss.

Step 1: Ask about your “L&D” budget

Many companies have dedicated “Professional Development” or “Learning & Development” (L&D) budgets to pay for employees to take classes, conferences, buy books, or join professional associations. Firneo offers many of those benefits in one membership.

As a Firneo member, you’ll have opportunities to learn from expert workshops, connect with peers & mentors from across companies and industries, and open the door to opportunities for you and your company.

Step 2: Compare the alternatives


Conferences can cost $1000s and distract you from work for days.

The Firneo community is like a conference that lasts all year – you’ll continously build strong relationships that are the first step to strong business partnerships.

Workshops & Classes

Workshops & classes are one-size fits all, and rarely fit to a unique BD & Partnerships role.

Firneo membership includes access to a library of training resources, a peer community to learn alongside, and live sessions with expert mentors who’ve done this job before.

Books & Newsletters

There’s an endless supply of content available for free, but there’s no textbook for BD & Partnerships.

Firneo members share their knowledge and insights, and are literally writing the playbook on how to do BD well.

Professional & Industry Associations

Most professional associations are focused on an industry – they’re not focused on your role.

Firneo is the largest community of BD & Partnerships professionals in the world, and includes members from dozens of industries – from SaaS to education, retail to real estate, non-profits to advertising.

Step 3: Show the company an ROI

Firneo membership will help you grow – but it will also help your company grow.

Firneo members are BD & Partnerships leaders at Fortune 500 enterprises, top startups, and everyone in between. By building strong relationships with members, you’ll get open doors and accelerate your partnerships efforts to give your company a leg up.

Step 4. Use our email template to make your pitch


I know that [INSERT COMPANY NAME] is committed to investing in its people, and I’m pleased to say I’ve found an opportunity that will help me learn and grow in my role.

I was recently accepted into Firneo, an invite-only professional community for BD & Partnerships professionals.  Members include leaders from companies like American Express, Google, Shutterstock, TikTok, Zendesk, Alibaba, IBM, Lyft, and more.

As a member of the community, I’ll get access to expert-led workshops, topical discussions, a members-only discussion forum, and more.  In addition to improving my own skills, there are also clear opportunities to drive an ROI for the company: I’ll be able to open doors more quickly and accelerate our BD efforts by collaborating with fellow members in peer groups and industry groups.

The membership is $495 for the 1st year and renews at $435 per year after that (there is also a monthly membership option).

Please let me know if I can charge this to my credit card for reimbursement, or if you’d prefer for me to have them send an invoice.