Mark Jeffrey steps down to move forward

By The Firneo Team
January 28, 2021

Mark Jeffrey may be the most humble man in BD.  After helping to validate the opportunity for channel partnerships at Carta, he had an opportunity to ‘take the throne’ as the leader of a new channel team.  But instead of grabbing onto the opportunity as most would, he graciously declined: he knew that he wasn’t ready yet.

Listen to Mark as he shares more about his journey from finance into BD, and how he’s benefited from humility to accelerate his career.


Knowing when he's ready for leadership

"I saw people who took those roles that I passed up. And they weren't ready for it yet. And it actually ended up hurting their career trajectory: most of them ended up leaving the company or being pushed out of the company, because they weren't ready to manage a team."

Getting off the wrong career path

"I dropped out of the CFA program. That was hard - I put years into that and hours and hours and hours of studying. So it was tough to, to give that up and then worry, “‘Did I just get two degrees in finance now and I'm not really going to use them anymore?’"

On hiring his own boss

"It was a little bit of an ego check for me. Our Chief Strategy Officer approached me and was like ‘You're gonna, lead this channel team.’ And I didn't feel ready for it at the time."